Flávia Silva

Exhibitions Ki Book Coordinator

Flávia Silva is part of the Administrative Support Team. She supports the Executive Director and Director of Operations with Admin and Tech related tasks. Flávia aka “Fla” (as the Executive Director calls her) holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History from the University of Coimbra. Coming from a multicultural South African background, Flávia during her bachelors was part of several projects that involved socially unprivileged minorities such as Indie Film Festivals (QueerFestLisbon & Festival do Cinema Português) and Afro-European Cinematography (À Margem do Cinema Português). Nowadays, after being accepted in the Masters “Critics, Curation and Art Theory” at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon in 2019, Flávia is currently writing her thesis on Sustainable Curation in Palaces. She conjugates Ki Culture and her thesis with her position as the main editor and photographer of the Bears on Motorbykes Association plus her role at European Solidarity Corps as a Youth Mentor in which she helps young people find their calling during their volunteering project in Portugal.

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