Who We Are

Ki Culture is an international nonprofit working to unite culture and sustainability. We use “culture” as an all inclusive term - from visual arts to heritage to performing arts and all stakeholders who have a role to play. We use the word sustainability in a wide sense of the word- encompassing all three pillars (environmental, social, and economic) - redesigning systems and rethinking how and what we do to find win - win - win solutions: better for the people, better for the culture, and better for the planet.

What We Do

We provide programs and tools to make culture sustainable and position the sector as leaders for sustainability globally. We break down current models and silos and work holistically to make sustainability achievable and sustainable.

Ki Futures
Culture holds the key to a sustainable future. Ki Futures is a holistic program including training, coaching, and a global network to support you in your sustainability journey.
Ki Books
The Ki Books are free step-by-step action guides on how to be more sustainable. They are co-created with leading sustainability experts from around the world in collaboration with cultural professionals.