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Ki Trainings

As part of our dynamic Ki Futures program, we are thrilled to offer you our Ki Trainings! The Trainings are open to all, even if you are not a Ki Futures participant (psst… Ki Futures participants get to join all the trainings for free and can even find recordings on the Ki Port!) But if you are looking to test out what Ki Futures has to offer – a great way is to join one of our Trainings.

The Ki Trainings Core Program consists of 2-hour sessions correlating with the themes of the Ki Books. These trainings outline the theory behind the Ki Book and then delve into practical applications – putting theory into practice and outline how we can apply these concepts into our daily work.

In addition to our Core Training Program, Ki Culture is thrilled to offer Specialty Training courses throughout the year which deep dive into specific topics and concepts. Our Speciality Training courses are taught by experts in their field and different topics are offered throughout the year. If you miss one, don’t worry – the recordings are available through Ki Futures on our Ki Port. Check out and register for upcoming Trainings below!

Core Trainings

Introduction to Sustainability for Culture

Sustainability is a word that we hear a lot of these days. But what exactly does it mean? And how does it apply to the cultural sector?
This session will introduce participants to the concept of sustainability and take a deeper look into how sustainability applies to culture and how culture can promote sustainability. We will cover the United Nations SDGs and the three pillars of sustainability – society, environment and economy. The session will give participants a clearer understanding of what sustainability is and how they can be champions for sustainability in their institutions and communities.

Waste & Materials

This training will begin with an introduction to the Waste & Materials Ki Book, outlining the various actions and how to use the Ki Book. We will then delve further into the concepts behind waste and materials to give participants a better understanding of how to approach issues of waste and materials. Participants will learn the theory behind circular economy, life cycle assessments and waste protocols and develop critical thinking skills which translate into practical applications in the workplace.

Social Sustainability

Sustainability is all about people. And social sustainability outlines various facets which contribute to a better society – human rights, social justice, equality, diversity, accessibility. This training will begin with an introduction to the concept of social sustainability and the Social Sustainability Ki Book, outlining the various actions and how to use the Ki Book. The course will give an overview of what social sustainability means and how it applies to cultural institutions. We will delve into detailed discussions about inclusion and diversity in the field, decolonization and repatriation.


This training will begin with an introduction to the Energy Ki Book, outlining the various actions and how to use the Ki Book. We will explore the concepts behind carbon and how they relate to energy – delving into how to approach energy savings and what it means to go “net zero”. This course will prepare participants to have discussions at their institutions about how energy savings can translate to financial savings, what carbon reduction means and how to approach energy reduction processes in order to support targets from the Paris Agreement.