Ki Futures Application Form


Thank you for your interest in Ki Futures! We are thrilled that you are taking this important step in committing to sustainability. We accept rolling applications, year round! We require that all participants fill out an application form to get to know a bit more about your institution, see how we can support you, and ensure that you are in line with the Ki Futures Program ethos.


We are open to anyone in the cultural sector – individuals, organizations, companies, institutions, studios, etc. All are welcome, but the Ki Futures network is a safe and open space- any use of the platform for marketing or self-promotion is not allowed. Ki Futures is an international program and we are committed to equitable participation for all.


Our price points are based on your carbon emissions. Please note that there is a reduced rate available for anyone in education – teachers, professors, researchers, and students. If you have not calculated your emissions yet, you can already get started with Ki Futures and we will help you and then adjust the price accordingly. We also understand that some institutions will not be able to afford Ki Futures. If would like to apply for a scholarship, please let us know in the last question of the application form.


For more information about Ki Futures, pricing, scholarships, and the application process, please visit: For any questions, please email:



You are an INSTITUTION or ORGANIZATION if you are a museum, an arts center/residency, an association, are affiliated with a single institution or association, or are another type of nonprofit organization. You are PRIVATE SECTOR if you are a gallery, an artist studio with more than 3 employees, or another type of for profit cultural institution. You are an INDIVIDUAL if you are a freelance professional or private practitioner and are not directly affiliated with a single institution (you may be affiliated with multiple organizations or none). You are a COMPANY if you are a for profit organization providing goods or services for the cultural sector. You are in ACADEMIA if you have affiliation with an educational institution/school as a teacher, professor, student and/or researcher. You are in PERFORMING ARTS if you have affiliation with a theatre, opera house, etc.
Name of the institution/association ex. Smithsonian Museum
Please provide the address of your entity or your own address if you are signing up as an individual.
Please provide your institution's general email address. Ex.
Please provide your institution's or your phone number.
Please type the name of your local currency. Ex. Euro, US Dollar, AUS Dollar, Yen, etc.
This is the person who has the authorization to agree to the Ki Futures Terms and Conditions. If you are an individual who will be agreeing to the Ki Futures Terms and Conditions on your own behalf, please rewrite your own name.
If you are an individual or don't have a team yet, please let us know. Do not worry if this list is not complete or if you do not have a team yet - we will help you with recruitment and forming a team. Additional Champions can be added at any time.
Your carbon footprint will be used to calculate your Ki Futures Participation fee. If you do not have a carbon footprint calculated, your initial fee will be based on the size and location of your entity and then will be adjusted once the calculation is complete. We will provide support in calculating your footprint during the program.